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  • Congratulations to our AAA Rockies who won their championship yesterday! The Padres played a great game and it was fun baseball to watch as they walk away with the second place trophy. All of the kids in this division improved greatly over the season and should be proud.
  • In our Majors Division, the Cubs won first place! Congratulations to them as they played great baseball all season.  The Giants entered the tournament as the #4 seed and worked their way to the championship playing 6 games in 8 days to take second! Good job everyone and way to go Cubs!
  • Congrats also to Zack Vasser. Zack was awarded a cash prize and plaque for being the season leader in home runs with EIGHT out of the park hits during the season. 
  • Jake Whisnant also got a trophy and cash prize for winning our annual Home Run Derby against Zack, our other finalist.



We need volunteers to make this happen!

click the blue button below to go to to pick your shift


We need volunteers to make our Championship Day a success! Sign up for a shift on June 10 through this link to help us out.Thanks for your support.


Our Hot Dog BBQ lunch will be on June 10 from 11-4. Tickets are being distributed to coaches and they should get them to you asap.

Each player bought 5 tickets at $5 each with their registration. They can now use, give away or sell them (to recoup their $). 

Stay tuned for more details.


All Stars...

We are accepting commitment and interest forms for our All Stars teams (see info below as posted last week).  We will not accept them past May 30.

If you would like an application or form and haven't received one in the emails that went out, please scroll over the HOME tab above and click on forms. Select the one labeled "All Stars" 



The Nevada District One All-Star Tournament will be from June 28 to ~July 9 at Governor's Field in Carson City.

  • If you would like your child to be eligible to represent South Tahoe Little League as an All-Star and they have not played All Stars before, you will need an ORIGINAL birth certificate which will be returned after verification process finishes. Start working on that now, it takes a couple weeks to get if you don't have one on hand. 
  • Proof of Residency forms are also needed
    • if your player did not play last year on an All Star team or you have moved. Check this link to see what docs we need.
    • Please note those docs need to have dates February 1, 2016 (previous year) and February 1, 2017 (current year) 

    • This documentation is strict, by-the-book and non-negotiable and is verified by our Player Agent, President and our District Administrator

  • Players are verified as available by their parents, recommended by their managers and selected by a draft committee of managers and Board members.
  • The age groups (league age, not necessarily age at time of tourney) for All Stars are 9/10, 10/11, and 11/12 year olds. 
  • ***We will be emailing soon with updates and eligibility forms. Please be able to commit to the dates of the whole tournament and let us know if you have any questions.***
  • Any team who wins their division at the District Level moves on to the State Tournament (may be in Vegas) starting July 18. 


The Renegades and Hooligans Tournaments will be from June 21-25 in South Reno (Washoe at the South Valleys Sports Complex).

Renegades is 9/10 and Hooligans is 11/12. This is a week-long post-season tournament against other teams in our district. Teams do not advance for further competition past the scheduled week.

Volunteers Required

We have our volunteer site set up to pick up some shifts in the Snack Shack. 

  • The easiest/best way is to do this on the days when your player has practice. Then you don't miss their games and are not making another trip to the field. 
  • Weekends will require lots of people working either before kids' games while they warm up, or after while they hang out and play with their friends. We hope you do this out of the goodness of your heart when you are available to cover an hour or two on these long days. Bring a friend and have fun!
  • Training provided but it's not terribly difficult.

To pick up shifts go to this link  (click on the blue type)
you may have to copy/paste this into your browser...

If you didn't go to the link and don't plan to, please read the info below:

Little League is not meant to be staffed by just a few people or even a couple dozen. We all have to participate. 

From the Little League Handbook (p13) on the ROLE OF THE PARENT, these are the words or our national governing organization...

"Parents must take the initiative to make the local program successful. Little League is not a club in which membership implies baby-sitting benefits and entertainment privileges. 
Practically speaking, Little League is an adult, volunteer work project constructed, supervised, and assisted by parents who want to extend this benefit to children. The parent who shirks this responsibility cannot, in turn, expect others to assume the burden."

Sounds like they are trying to be very clear and are very sure of their stance. While our words may have a different, gentler tone, what they say is true. We need you all to help us help the kids. If you really cannot volunteer there, please let us know and we will accommodate you or find another way for you to help.

Other Leagues impose financial penalties or suspend the manager of teams who don't get volunteers in there. We are trying not to do these things but the reality of the situation is that we need help and may need to do this if we can't get volunteer volunteers :) 

So, we are counting on you to do the right thing! Please sign up for a shift or few today. Do it on your kids practice days, then you don't miss their games (like we have to when no one else signs up) and aren't making a separate trip to the field.

Thank you from the dedicated volunteers that make up your Board of Directors at STNLL.

Fields and Games Update 845am 5/7

A & AA:

  • Your field is not playable. Games and practices are cancelled for today. The dirt infield makes it very hard to salvage when it's wet or snowy.

AAA and Majors:

  • Game start times will be 12, 230 and 5pm if we play.
  • We are still assessing the fields and hope to have notice out by 1030am as to the status of at least the 1st game so check before you head to the field.
  • If it's clear the fields will not be usable, we will let you know.



AAA NOTES- Scorekeeping, Pitching, etc...

To all AAA Managers and Scorekeepers.

Please let us know anytime there will be a. new scorekeeper in the booth and no one experienced to train them.  Give us at least a day's notice and we will try to find a Board member or Majors parent to help train them.

We must keep accurate pitch counts and adhere to the National Little League's rules about days of rest to protect those young arms.

I also would like to remind you all that this is  a DEVELOPMENTAL division. It is the first division with all kid-pitch. Therefore, the umpires will have a generous strike zone. When we don't do that, batters are not encouraged to swing at a time when they are reluctant to anyway and it is even more of a walk-fest and the games do not progress. As the season goes on, the pitchers get better and the zone gets a bit tighter, but will still be more generous than you might think it should be. Understand that this is by design and helps develop pitchers and batters.


Get your South Tahoe Baseball gear here!!

This year, all of our merchandise will be sold online. Sale dates with deadlines will be set up  (first is 4/30) and the merchadise will be sent to us to distribute after the sale closes. This will ensure that you can get what you want in the size you want and eliminate the frustration (for us and you) from past years. So, go to this site, read the description / instructions carefully and shop away!! Let us know if you have questions. Here's the link to our shop.



Hi all,

Registration is CLOSED. We have already conducted tryouts for our AAA and Majors players and our draft will occur in the next couple weeks. 

We are not in the practice of having a closing date for registrations for our lower divisions, but we have to stop taking registrations at this time. If you would like to coach or put your child on a waiting list, please contact us.


Here's a copy of our March Newsletter...

Hi everyone! 

If you receive this email, that means you registered your child to play Little League either this year or last (or both). We are just writing to keep you updated on what's happening with baseball here now. Hopefully, you will have some of your questions answered here in this newsletter too. 

We always face interesting challenges running a spring program here in the mountains. Snow, cold, rain and lightning are all impediments to smoothly coasting through our season and we have to adhere to LL International Safety requirements and our own common sense. This year may be particularly interesting (or headache-inducing depending on your point of view) and require a later start and other adjustments.  We want to provide the best experience under the circumstances we face. We do ask for your patience, flexibility and understanding as we try to tackle these issues. Please know, we put a great deal of thought and discussion into every decision to try to do the best we can for our players. Sometimes, when things don't seem to make sense on the surface, there really were deeper factors we have to consider. 

We will try to keep you informed as best we can on our current status. Here is some info that may be helpful.


Our online registration is still open. Register now (please) even if we start later as we have to plan for coaching and prelim counts for uniforms, etc. We will start filling some divisions and may have to close them soon so register if you haven't already. Just email if you have any issues or questions. We are here to help.

TRYOUTS:  **RSVP** to attend this Sunday's (March 5) tryout at 945am OR 1245pm at the South Tahoe High Gold Gym.    

***EDITED TO ADD THIS SUNDAY, MARCH 19 AT South Tahoe High School Gold Gym*** Choose 2-4 or 5-7 pm and rsvp to: as soon as you can.

If your player is age 10-12, he or she must attend a tryout session. If you have a younger child that wishes to play AAA or Majors, he or she must also try out regardless of age.

A flyer is attached that explains more about this. Please note that our tryout this Sunday is going on as scheduled.  We are doing our best to accommodate our players schedules, coach availability (since they all have to be there) and facility availability (need available indoor facility with batting cage- not easy to get in Tahoe). Bring a glove and bat and helmet if you have them.



If your child plays tee ball through AA, they will be placed randomly on a team. If your child is playing AAA or majors, the process is a draft after all tryouts are concluded. 


Sadly, it doesn't make sense to try and schedule a formal Opening Day. Last year we scheduled, cancelled, rescheduled, re-cancelled and attempted to reschedule again. Instead we will try to have a "Little League Day" with some festivities once we get the season going. Thanks for understanding.


Start PENDING and weather dependent. We will work hard to get us up and running as soon as possible.


Please be aware that due to an anticipated late start, potential weather issues after we start and a requirement to play a certain number of games by a certain date to maintain our Little League charter, we will almost certainly have to schedule games for the weekend of Memorial Day this year. Our season is already shorter than other leagues because of our meteorologic challenges so we don't see many options to get our season in without it. 

Little League is defined as an adult volunteer organization to benefit youth. We need EVERYONE to volunteer in some capacity. Usually, we end up with the Board members, coaches and a few others doing the bulk of the work. This is not sustainable. We need help and the responsibility belongs to ALL of us.

First and foremost, we will ask parents of Majors and likely AAA players to work in the snack shack on your child's practice day or a game day every week. Each team can figure out how to provide these volunteers on these days.  Other volunteers will gladly be accepted (it's fun- really). We simply cannot expect our concessions manger and one or two other people to cover every evening and all day on the weekends. We are working on a system to make working there as simple and stress-free as possible.

In addition, scorekeepers are required from each AAA and Majors team at every game. Each parent should learn how to do this and volunteers should rotate so that the same people aren't always doing this. To learn the basics of scorekeeping, please check out some YouTube videos like the ones in this series . We hope to have training set up as well, and you can always come learn "in the booth". With (preseason) baseball going, you can also get a cheap scorebook from Big5 or Amazon and watch the pro games and practice that way. Again, this seems intimidating at first, but is really fun (no, really!).

This year, we will also ask each team to designate a team parent. This should be someone other than the manger or coach who can help assign snacks and maintain dugout control in the lower divisions and coordinate scorekeepers and snack shack volunteers in the upper divisions. This will help our whole league run more smoothly and is a great way to get that volunteer credit.

Attached are the volunteer forms that coaches and team parents must fill out. Help us get a head start by filling this out and getting it back to us ASAP if you think you may be helping in one of these roles. First time applicants need to supply SSN and fill out the form completely. Returning volunteers- include any info that may have changed and be sure to sign.

That may be all for now. Hopefully soon, we will be able to pin down our dates a bit more for team formation, practices and games. Our Vice President has already been out there digging and removing snow and trying to figure out how to speed the process as we are excited to get to PLAY BALL. 

Enjoy these beautiful blue bird days and we will be on the fields in no time!

Cheryl Orr, President, on behalf of the
South Tahoe National Little League Board of Directors

See below for links to tryout info and volunteer forms.


Registration is OPEN.


1). Register your players online by clicking the registration tab above.

2). Contact us if you have player new to STNLL,  to have documents verified.  (see highlighted text below)

That's it. If for some reason you cannot register online or have issues, questions, need info on financial assistance or just want to say hi, email us.

If you haven't played with STNLL before, there were some changes to the documentation needed for proof of residency/eligibility.  
Go to this page to see what you will need to show. Documents should be dated Feb 1, 2016 to Feb 1, 2017

Use of photos and images

We may use photos taken of kids playing with their teams, at Opening Day and other activities on our website. These are usually group photos or action shots, but occasionally feature identifiable kids. Please let us know if you object to having your child's image used in this way on the website.  You can email 

South Tahoe National Little League


South Tahoe National Little League is an all-volunteer, non-profit youth baseball organization in South Lake Tahoe California. It is guided by the principles, rules, and policies of Little League Baseball, Incorporated. We  are goal driven and dedicated to giving the children in our community the best possible opportunities to build their character while developing their skills in baseball. STNLL is dedicated to providing a positive, safe, and healthy environment for a well-organized, supervised, and fun youth baseball program. This program will advocate sportsmanship, teamwork, confidence, courage, camaraderie, honesty, discipline, and a sound work ethic. STNLL promotes an atmosphere that fosters community interest and involvement. Through our combined efforts we can provide a solid foundation from which young players can grow into positive citizens in their community. Participation in STNLL will be a rewarding and a memorable experience. Our goal is to help children develop skills that will help them be successful in baseball and, more importantly, in life.

Contact Us

Contact Us

South Tahoe National Little League at

Phone: email please

South Tahoe National Little League

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